Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wilbur Hoong, Sean Loh, Patrick Tan, Tan Keming

a) What is the effect of soilless farming on plants?
b) It is focused as soilless farming on plants obtains only one by-product, which is the effect of the plants grown by aeroponics or hydroponics.
c) It is significant as soilless farming is very important in the future of the food industry, as the demand for food is increasing and the production rate of food is not fast enough as there is not enough land, so man can only resort to soilless farming to keep up with the demand for food.
d) The idea is feasible as we can easily obtain information about soilless farming and it is possible to conduct our own experiment.
e) This idea is manageable as we only need to handle plants or obtain information from the internet.
f) There are soilless farms in Singapore and we can easily pay a visit to the farms.
h) Experiments and Observations

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