Thursday, July 14, 2011

Aleem and John's research project

a) Main reason behind obesity in SST?

b) We are focusing on the Main reason(or root cause) for obesity?

c) Singapore has a lot of obese people. Hence, this people are very unhealthy. If we can find the main reason behind obesity, we can find a solution to help Singaporeans stay fit and healthy.

d) It is reasonable. This is because there are a lot of obese people in singapore. We can interview them and then find out the common things that they do. Also, we can also interview people who has gone from obese to acceptable weight and see what they did.

e) There is definitely sufficient given the massive number of obese people in Singapore.

f) We will use interviews and observations to do research on our project. We will first interview fat people and people who has gone from fat to thin and see what they think. Next, we will observe the common patterns in how fat people grow fat and then observe the common actions the people take to go from obese weight to acceptable weight.

  We shall use this three links because they provide relevant information to our project. This three websites has a large database of information on obesity that will greatly aide us in this research project. Apart from that, these three websites are all very famous in Singapore and usually top the search engine results when the 'obesity', 'teenage', 'Singapore' and 'Asia' are searched.

h) We will use surveys to find the main reason behind obesity in Singapore.

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