Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jie Yi, Nicole, Kuzhalini and Rhea

a) A statement of our research title:
How has photography changed the way we see the world

b) Explain why is it focussed?
We are going to research on how photography has changed the way SST students perceive reality.

c) Explain why is it significant?
We want to find out how has the photographs changed the world, like how have photos changed the perspective of how people see things in reality. In this way, we can find out how different each photo affects how each student sees reality.

d) Explain why is it feasible?
It is feasible for we can ask anyone for their opinions and it is a rather targeted topic.

e) Explain why is it manageable?
There are four people working on this research and therefore we can divide the work equally.

f) Explain why it is accessible?
The resources that we need are easily available - on the internet and the people around us.

g) State at least 3 sources of information that you will be drawing your research upon (3 web links) and why you choose them.
-National Museum Of Singapore
-Students of SST
-Photography websites
These are useful sources where we can get the information we need efficiently.
(H) State your type of data collection.
We can interview people and do some surveys to see how each student respond to each photograph. From this data that we collected, we can find out how has different people gets affected of the way they understand reality.

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