Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ian and Shaun Research project edited.

(A) Is NEWater really safe to drink?1
(B) It focuses on NEWater claimed drinkable water.
(C) If it is drinkable, we can assure people that it is safe to drink. If it is not, we can send our project to the government to stop people from drinking this water.
(D) It would just require us to visit the NEWater plant and interview people on streets going outside only.
(E) It is manageable as we have already planned what we are going to do and its definitely possible.
(F) It is accessible as the NEWater treatment plant allow people to enter and the internet has given us information of many countries who has done something like Newater.
We chose this website as it tells us about Newater history and where it is being used in which country. That allowed us to use these other countries that it stated as our case study sites.
We chose this website as this person has written about the pros and cons of Newater and this has helped us by giving us a guideline of what Newater is good for and what it is bad for.
We chose this website as it clearly showed what Newater has became and how it has became what it is. It also tell us where all this Newater goes that we will futher confirm at the Newater visitor plant.
(H) a,b,c,d,e

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