Thursday, July 7, 2011

Entertainment Enjoyed by Secondary School Students

Lau Ler How, S1-06
Charlene Tan, S1-06

We want to find out what kind of watchable or readable entertainment (Romance, Horror, Sci-Fi etc.) is enjoyed by secondary one school students in Singapore.

It is focused as we are only conducting this survey only on Secondary one school students in Singapore.

We want to find out if the type of thing they watch/read is due to their life and personality.
eg. A girls likes romance more, why?

If we know the type of things they read/watch is affected by their lifestyle, then we would know more about a person just by knowing what they like reading/watching. This makes it more easy for us to access them without asking too many questions. 

It is feasible as we can easily talk to people (juniors, seniors, classmates) on Facebook. We also know a lot of people from other schools that we contact over Facebook regularly.

Our type of data collection is by doing surveys on people online and we can make use of the upcoming STGCC to talk to other people in other school. Also we can get our (not from SST) friends to ask their classmates to complete the survey we have given to them.

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